Soggy tigers

Looking for tigers in the monsoon is tricky. A few months ago we would have seen our tiger family almost every day, or, at the very least, we would know where they were. This trip was very different. In a month I probably got to film them in a meaningful way half a dozen times. Lots of 4am starts, lots of sitting in the rain.

We saw all our key characters just enough to move the story on, and in the best tradition of natural history film shoots I had my best filming session on the very last morning.

One of these days I’ll be able to share photos of these captivatingly beautiful creatures. In the mean time here is a selection of landscape shots taken with a Nikon D800E with a 24mm PC lens – I’d driven past these vines and trees hundreds of times and knew exactly the kind of images I wanted to create.





These prints were almost certainly made by the male tiger who is father to cubs we have followed for most of the last 18 months. He is enormous. These are his front paws, pressed deep into mud at the edge of a temporary water hole as he paused to drink.



Some cameras in the rain … next stop Senegal, for more rain, this time with chimps.