Commissioned Photography

I undertake commissioned photographic work. I specialise in informal, observational, portraiture using natural light.

A photographic package includes:

  • Photographic session
  • Hand finishing of the photographs
  • A personal online ‘Lightbox’ for viewing of the images
  • A disk containing all the finished images.

How the package works

I travel to the location of your choice and work for as long as is required to fullfill your brief. I then make a selection of the best images, which I hand finish to prepare them for printing. When I am satisfied with the results I upload the images to your personal online ‘Lightbox’, where you can view the photographs, and make a selection of those you would like printed. If you would prefer, I will send you a disk or proof sheet of the finished images.

I will always provide you with a DVD or USB drive containing all the finished images with your prints, as I believe the images are yours not mine, so after the first run of printing you can print additional copies if required.

The aim of my commissioned photographic work is to offer quality rather than quantity. I take on a limited number of photographic commissions between my filming work.

An informal afternoon sitting with a couple of subjects might result in 10-20 images that I consider good enough to warrant hand finishing, even though I make take many times that number of photographs during the sitting.

The hand finishing (refining of the captured image prior to printing) has always been an integregral part of the photographic process. This process is time consuming, I tend to make a very critical initial selection of images to work on. A large event will result in a greater number of images that require finishing, and will therefore command a higher fee.

What the package costs

My photographic packages start at £400. This would be for an informal sitting that might result in 10 – 20 finished images. For large events the package would cost between £800 & £1000. The exact cost would depend on the brief, and the number of finished images expected by the client.

Each print is charged for. The prints are true photographic prints onto archive quality paper and are made at a professional photographic lab.

Guide to print costs:

  • 6×4″ (152x101mm) £1.50 per print
  • 8×6″ (203x152mm) £2.60 per print
  • 10×8″ (254x203mm) £3.00 per print
  • 12×10″ (304x254mm) £4.90 per print<

I can also arrange for mounting and framing of prints. Mounting and framing a 10×8″ print in a custom made frame would cost between £25 and £50 depending on the specification of glass and frame.

ALL PRICES EXCLUDING VAT and travel expenses