Background & Qualifications

I studied biology at Queen’s College, Oxford, graduating in 1993. While at university I spent my vacations working at Oxford Scientific Films; starting in their stills library and gradually shifting towards helping with filming work in their studios.

On leaving University I spent 6 months in Zimabawe carrying out research into elephant feeding bahaviour, following up to a project I had worked on the previous summer, before getting a job for the WWF as a conservation consultant on the Save Valley Conservancy. While working for the WWF I also took part in Black Rhino dehorning operations and undertook a detailed study of Black Rhino feeding behaviour.

On returning to the UK in late 1993 I began to work for OSF as a camera assistant. The first major overseas shoots were in Panama, working on two films for National Geographic.

In 1994 I was offered the job of in-house wildlife cameraman at OSF, I stayed at OSF for 6 years working on a wide range of programmes.

In 2000 I left OSF to become a freelance cameraman. Since becoming freelance I have mainly worked for the BBC’s Natural History Unit, and have contributed sequences to many of the unit’s landmark series over the last 21 years and was Director of Photography for two films in the 2018’s Dynasties series. I have filmed and directed several films for the BBC’s Natural World series.


Biology Degree, Queen’s College Oxford, 2:1, Graduating in 1993

Surviving Hostile Environments, Lecturer Grade, 2009

Panama Canal, boat operators licence, for craft up to 60ft, 1993

I hold a current ‘I’ Visa for working in the USA

Rugby Football Union CRB certified

Level 1 Rugby Referee

CAA GVLOS Drone pilot certification, 2021