This is an up to date list of the kit I currently own. Where stated the kit is available for dry hire, please contact me for daily / weekly rates. Other items are available as a negotiable part of my daily rate.

  • Red Weapon Helium 8K; Brain with side handle, SSD card and PL, Canon & Nikon mounts, Bomb EVF, 5″ touchscreen, x4 512GB Mini-mags, V-lock battery interface, +1 monitor, breakout box, audio box, Element Technica EVF mount. 6K resolution, 16+ stops of lattitude, upto 300fps at 2K. Available for dry hire.
  • Red Gemini 5K: Full production kit. Available for dry hire
  • Teradek Pro 600: remote video link kit. Available for dry hire.
  • Jimmy Jib III with hothead; 15ft reach, rugged and very stable ‘industry standard’ crane. I own the full kit which packs down into x4 cases for shipping. Available for dry hire.
  • Nikon Stills / timelapse kits,  D810 & D850 bodies with the full range of Nikon Pro lenses including 16-35mm f2.8, 24mm PC-E, 70-200mm f2.8 & 200-400mm f4, 105mm macro, 10.5mm fisheye.
  • Macro kit including Luminar 63mm & 42mm macro lenses and Nikon 105mm & 70-180mm macro lenses and high precision motorised focus racks. I have a P+S Technik skater dolly kit for high precision macro scale rotates and tracks. Laowa 25mm scope & Laowa x2 90 degree rotating scope.
  • Laowa Pro2be Kit, 24mm T8 x2 Macro. Direct, 35 Degree & Periscope modules.
  • Zeiss CP2 Super Speed prime lens kit; PL / EF mount: 15mm f2.9, 25mm f2.1, 35mm f1.5, 50mm f1.5, 85mm f1.5. Available for dry hire
  • 6-Axis Macro Motion Control: a unique high precision 6-axis (XYZ, Pan / Tilt, Focus) macro motion control rig. Designed for field and studio use, fully modular for various configurations of axis and working heights. Operates in real-time or time-lapse, driven by Dragonframe software for smooth, precise and repeatable adjustment of velocity and positioning in 3D space. For more information see here