The Tennant clan; 1977 – 2012

We had a fantastic family get together in Harrogate at the weekend to celebrate the 70th birthdays of Auntie Connie and Uncle Mike – a surprise party organised with enviable precision by cousins Laura and Dan (thank you!).

It was a great opportunity to re-create a photograph of all the Tennant cousins (my mother’s side of the family) which was taken (we think) in 1977 …

The Tennant cousins, 1977 - 2012 (thanks to Joe for the photo)

As you can see it clearly made good sense to come to family gatherings ‘tooled up’, thanks to Dan Curston for the loan of one of his automatic weapons. We couldn’t find Emu (although you would hardly know), and Stephen Jary (top left in ’77) couldn’t make the party.

I shudder to think what we’ll all look like in another 35 years but I’m guessing we’ll need some sort of stair lift to re-create this arrangement.

Huge thanks again to Laura & Dan, what a great day.