Off to film Jaguars

Only home for a week, but lovely to spend some time with Julie and the boys. We had Max’s slightly delayed birthday party in the Leafield community wood – great fun on a beautiful October afternoon. Capture the flag, a treasure hunt and lots of cake and mud.

Max is far right with gold flag, Felix is front row with blue fleece - 'Lord of the Flies' anyone?

I’m off to Brazil later today, filming for the BBC. We’re going to try to film Jaguars in the wild which is very exciting – I’ve never seen a Jaguar in the wild, come across their tracks a few times, but never actually face to face with one so I’m really looking forward to this.

The awards news is that Frozen Planet won an EMMY for cinematography for a ‘factual series’ but Madagascar was pipped for it’s best documentary cinematography EMMY by Human Planet – a worthy winner. We’ll find out about Empire of the Desert Ants Wildscreen award in a couple of weeks.

As part of the Wildscreen festival all nominated films are shown are shown on a big screen, Ants is shown on the 23rd of October at the Watershed in Bristol at 16.00 – if you have a quiet afternoon and fancy seeing our 3mm long stars blown up to monstrous proportions ….