Lemurs Win Prizes …

The list of winners from the prestigious 35th Missoula International Wildlife Film festival has just been announced, and our recent Natural World film for BBC2, Madagascar Lemurs & Spies, has scooped awards in three categories: Best Conservation Message, Best of Category in Conservation, and a Merit Award for Cinematography.

All very exciting, and fantastic news for Erik, Sascha, their teams in the field, and everyone who has put so much effort and passion into trying to bring this story into the public consciousness. We all worked so hard on this film, and it’s great for it to gain some recognition, but more importantly it raises the profile of the issue as the film now gets shown as part of the festival in May.

I’ve also just received an e-mail from the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 telling me that one of my photographs has reached the finals of this year’s competition, apparently there were close to 50,000 entries, I think the winners are announced in a couple of months.