Filming with Patrick Eggle

We had a really good day filming at the workshop of the incredible Patrick Eggle – one of the finest and best respected guitar builders in the world. We were looking for a guitar builder who could talk about Madagascan rosewood for our ‘Lemur Blues’ film for BBC2. Not only did Patrick have some Madagascan rosewood in his workshop, but he had – after viewing the BBC2 Madagascar series earlier in the year and researching the plight of the forests of Madagascar – decided that he would no longer use it so he was the perfect person to talk about the subject.

I was in absolute heaven – to spend a day filming in as guitar workshop is pretty much nirvana for me, and so have the opportunity to play some of Patrick’s beautiful guitars was wonderful. Thanks to Patrick, Rab, Sam & Frank for all their help and patience … I’ll put in an order one of these days!