Cairngorms & Frozen Planet

A slightly strange week whereby I was melting in 40C in Brazil one day only to be ploughing through the first snows of the winter in the Cairngorms a few days later, separated by the briefest sojourn at home.


We had a really great shoot for Wild Brittania with Andrew Murray. The weather looked less than promising the whole week but somehow we managed some great filming including a fantastic day on the top of the Cairngorms, great fun and rather exhausting.


I’m now back home for a couple of weeks which is really lovely (a potential shoot to the UAE just fell through due to the fact that the key contributor is heading off to Mecca, but that’s OK!).


Make sure to watch Frozen Planet starting this wednesday on BBC1 – it promises to be utterly spectacular – I made a very small contribution to the series (good to see our Musk Ox featuring prominently in the trailer!) but there are loads of super talented people who have worked on it so I’m really looking forward to it.