Safari bound …

Two weeks at home which have gone by in a bit of a blur, but have been lovely. It seems utterly daft to head off again just as the Great British Summer seems to have finally come to life, but at least it’ll be good to know that Julie and the boys will have some decent weather to enjoy when I’m away for once.

The two weeks consisted of recovering from the last trip and getting ready for the next. In between we managed to harvest our first crop of honey and get a second colony of bees going. After two years of anguish, lousy weather and minor cock-ups it does feel great to have finally succeeded in having bees happy enough to feel like we can harvest some honey from them without too much guilt. We got just under 10lb’s from 4 frames, a pretty decent haul, and it tastes lovely – well done Bees!

Tastes just like ... summer

Tastes just like … summer

I also finished the work I’d planned on the my Fender Esprit guitar, see here for more detail, it’s a beauty.


’84 Fender Esprit

So my next trip is another shoot for the BBC’s Survival series, this time I’m off to the Maasi Mara in Kenya two film a couple of stories for two different programmes in the series. Lion cubs for Programme 1 and a story about Zebras for Programme 2. In 20 years of filming I’ve never filmed in the Mara – which is slightly perverse as it’s probably the the most iconic natural history location on earth – so I’m really looking forward to this. A month at the very lovely looking Governor’s Camp with a fairly broad remit to film lion’s and zebras, is a very special thing.