I spent 6 years training at Oxford Scientific Films, a production company with a justified reputation for world-class macro work, and I have a thorough grounding in all aspects of macro photography. In 2010 I completed work on a 60min film about Honeypot Ants (Empire of the Desert Ants) for BBC2′s Natural World series.

This film features a very high proportion of highly specialised macro work, combining complex set work with wild ant behaviour. I developed a high-precision motorised focus rack to allow finely tuned tracking shots within the ant colony and smooth focus pulls. I have a selection of ultra high quality Zeiss Luminar macro lenses, a LitePanels Minilite LED kit, and various fibre light equipment which are ideal for macro filming.

I have a real passion for entomology – and studied it in-depth as part of my biology degree – so I have a broad range of practical experience of observing, interpreting and filming insect behaviour.

Here is a short film containing two sequences from Empire of the Desert Ants with some nice macro work in.

I have designed and built a unique 6-axis macro motion control rig which opens up completely new ways of designing and filming macro sequences in the field and studio.

I have delivered key macro sequences to landmark series including Planet Earth II and Seven Worlds: One Planet, Green Planet, Perfect Planet and Our Planet II.

I have built up what is probably the most extensive and highest quality range of macro filming equipment in the industry, from lenses to high precision motion control equipment and have over 25 years of experience of delivering complex, and often previously unfilmed, macro stories.