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Musk Ox rut

Read more »

Macro selects

A couple of sequences from my 'Empire of the Desert Ants' Natural World film showing my macro work Read more »

Timelapse Selects

A short showreel of some of my timelapse work. Read more »

Kamikochi in Winter

An excerpt from 'Snow Monkey', BBC2 Natural World, showing Japanese Macaques surviving in the brutal cold of the Japanese Highlands Read more »

Meerkat Manor – Series 1

A sequence from the first series of Meerkat Manor; a subordinate female and her pups get caught up in a traumatic burrow move Read more »

The Valley of Flowers

The 'Valley of Flowers', from 'Ganges; Daughter of the Mountains', BBC2 Read more »


Introduction to the village of Tolma, northern India, from 'Ganges; Daughter of the Mountains', BBC2 Read more »

Introduction to Ben Killham

A sequence introducing Ben Kilham from 'Bearman', Aqua Vita Productions for Channel 4 Read more »

Anchorage in the summer

A short sequence from 'Moose on the Loose', BBC2 Natural World, showing the city of Anchorage in the summer. Read more »

Mahseer fish at Hindu Temple

Mahseer fish being tended at a Hindu Temple, northern India. 'Ganges; Daughter of the Mountains', BBC2 Read more »
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