Background & Qualifications

I studied biology at Queen’s College, Oxford, graduating in 1993. While at university I spent my vacations working at Oxford Scientific Films; starting in their stills library and gradually shifting towards helping with filming work in their studios.

On leaving University I spent 6 months in Zimabawe carrying out research into elephant feeding bahaviour, following up to a project I had worked on the previous summer, before getting a job for the WWF as a conservation consultant on the Save Valley Conservancy. While working for the WWF I also took part in Black Rhino dehorning operations and undertook a detailed study of Black Rhino feeding behaviour.

On returning to the UK in late 1993 I began to work for OSF as a camera assistant. The first major overseas shoots were in Panama, working on two films for National Geographic.

In 1994 I was offered the job of in-house wildlife cameraman at OSF, I stayed at OSF for 6 years working on a wide range of programmes.

In 2000 I left OSF to become a freelance cameraman. Since becoming freelance I have worked mainly for the BBC’s Natural History Unit, and have contributed sequences to many of the unit’s landmark series over the last 10 years. More recently I have been filming and directing my own films for BBC2’s Natural World strand.


Biology Degree, Queen’s College Oxford, 2:1, Graduating in 1993

Surviving Hostile Environments, Lecturer Grade, 2009

Panama Canal, boat operators licence, for craft up to 60ft, 1993

I hold a current ‘I’ Visa for working in the USA

Rugby Football Union CRB certified